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    The Loving and The Letting Go

    Sunday, March 15, 2015

    You came and stayed for a little while.

    When you left, a part of my heart went out the door in the other arms that carried you.

    That's how this process goes, or so I'm learning.

    The truth is that I've only waded into the shallow end of the pool and still have so much to learn about how to be the best mama I can be to the precious littles being brought to us.

    Like for instance, how to love and how to let go at the same time. Remnants of your stay remain and I wipe tears for a while and smile at the same time.

    Because the truth is, little one, that I'm still learning to adjust to the fact that you are gone and the little snacks on the kitchen counter are still here. There's a clean footed sleeper,  fresh and ready to be worn on top of the folded laundry pile and currently, no one here to wear it.

    I dug through totes last night and found clothes for your age and size. You're coming back in a few days and I aim to be ready. But at the same time I put the baby food back in the pantry and pushed the high chair to the corner because it's not yet time.
    The loving and the letting go....it makes for a wide pendulum swing of emotions on a mama's heart in one day.

    I still don't know all that much about the way this all works. Even the acronyms that go along with all of the formal process can leave my brain feeling more than a little fuzzy.

    But this I do know. I love children.

    I love you little one.

    And for now that's all I need to know.

    Even though it's painful, I would much rather love deep and well and have to cry with the separation that goes along with this process, than to never know this kind of love at all.

    It's all very strange to me still, even the deep love that I feel because my biggest fear going into all of this was whether or not I'd be able to attach.

    Yeah, you took that fear with your chubby little hand and threw it right out the window never to be heard of again. Because when my eyes looked into yours a confirming piece of this puzzle locked into place never to be removed again.

    We were called to walk this road. It got a little confusing at times, but you gave us all the proof we needed to know that this path that we're on? It's right.

    I stand back and marvel at the precious ones who care for you night and day and have done so nearly your entire little life-and I wonder how I am ever going to be that strong. They are the very hands and feet of Jesus and there's no one I'd have rather looked to for a real eye opener kind of first experience than them.

    They have blown the four walls of safe living down with a jackhammer and love you and show you Jesus without abandon. Your little eyes light up when they walk in. It's a marvelous miracle, that God can weave the fabric of two lives together into this beautiful story of yours that He's creating.

    Whatever your story is little buddy, I know it's going to be great. Our God is FOR you.

    No matter how much I think I love you, or anyone else loves you, He loves you way more than that.
    He knew you before you were born into this world and knit you together in your mother's womb.

    Even though you got off to a little bit of a different start, that didn't take Him by surprise. We live in a sin infested, fallen world and He arranged and rearranged the plan that would take place to put you right where you are today.

    You are chosen little one, by the God of the universe. You are His child first and although what that's going to look like here on Earth is still a little fuzzy, I have full confidence that He will put you right where you're meant to be.

    So I will love you and I will let you go.

    I will smile and laugh when you're here and cry when you leave.

    I will push you in the baby swing at the park, rock you to sleep when you're tired, hunt Easter eggs with you and take a million pictures along the way.

    And when the van drives up to take you home I will load up your things, cry the ugly cry and smile through the tears as I wave goodbye because I trust God is working out all the details of your little life. His plans are far greater than mine could ever be anyway.

    It's been one of the biggest blessings of my life already-to have even been this much a part of your story.

    One Response to “The Loving and The Letting Go”

    1. I had never read this post until tonight. I'm sitting here wiping tears after reading your precious words. We will never be able to repay you or thank you enough for the love you have given our boy and the prayers you have lifted on his and our behalf. We are blessed to know you. And you're right, God IS writing his story and it's going to be beautiful!!!