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    A Whole Hand

    Thursday, March 5, 2015

    Today you are five my dear.

    When we woke up you wanted to make colored pancakes. Because, of course.

    I knew five years ago that this would be awesome, this sharing life with a little girl. But I had no idea just how awesome it was going to be. 

    Five years in and we are in full on royal mode at this house.

    You are our Princess and we adore you. 

    Right before your fifth birthday party started, you had an impromptu dance party listening to Disney music. It was beautiful.

    I hope you are able to dance through the good times and bad and stay this carefree forever.

    I'm thankful that we decided to celebrate your birthday the Saturday before instead of the Saturday after because currently, on this Thursday of you turning five, the stomach bug has found it's way back into our house.

    We got to eat our cake (and keep it down) dance along with you, celebrate with you and hopefully you realized just how loved you are Miss Q.

    We celebrated as REAL LIFE royalty, paper plates and all.

    I wouldn't trade one minute of it, or one minute with you, for anything and everything in the world.

    Happy birthday little princess.

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