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    Free to Live

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015

    When you take on something, you inevitably give up something else.

    We're not superwomen. That's not who we're made to be. No matter how much anyone tries to portray that they can do it all-the fact of the matter is that none of us can.

    We can however,  do all things through Christ who gives us strength. But I tend to think He gives us strength more for the Kingdom work that He needs for us to do-not necessarily all of the things that we might think need to be done.

    It would be really easy for me to beat myself up, for example, when I see pictures of neatly organized homes on everyones social media. Because my laundry pile right now? 

    It's where we've been getting clean socks from for the last two days.

    And that bed is only made because it's the guest bed. Which means it hasn't been used since the last guest left two weeks ago.

    Right about now the vacuum needs to be ran, the kitchen counter has Barbies on it instead of food 
    which I should probably do something about before dinner.

    (As a side note I have no idea why Barbie is doing push ups. Because I can almost guarantee you my daughter sees not much of this from me.)

    and the living room? 

    Well, the living room is being lived in. Which means it's the farthest thing from anything that looks like it's out of Southern Living or such.

    Matter of fact, yesterday when Tanner walked in from school he laughed and said, "I can tell a baby has been here."

    He was right and my heart was full. I still haven't cleaned all of those toys up because baby fever.

    I'm joking. Sort of. Toddler fever is more like it.

    The coolest thing about it all is that sure, even though at some point the laundry will have to be folded and put away, I will have to move Barbie and cook dinner and get the living room to the point that we can walk through it....

    the fact of the matter is that although Superwoman I am not, I am a mother, wife, daughter, friend and sometimes those things take priority over house cleaner/chef.

    If we have to order out tonight it won't kill us. If we get our socks from the laundry pile one more day before I put it all away, at least we've had clean socks to wear right?

    I don't want to miss the wonderful opportunities to BE who God has called me to be and spend my days doing the things He's called me to do. 

    Things like share and live this glorious Gospel, taking a meal to a friend in need, loving on some littles that we're called to love on in addition to my own and take an hour out to talk to and encourage a friend in need.

    I might catch myself caught up in the beast of comparison and feel down on myself for a while, but by the help and grace of God I will get back up and I will march forward and walk the path that God has called me to walk.

    The laundry can wait. 

    The dishwasher is in charge of the majority of the kitchen mess.

    Chik-fil-A is serving dinner.

    Today I am not guilting myself.  I am going to LIVE.

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