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    Mundane Saturday

    Monday, March 30, 2015

    So when I realized that on Saturday we had nothing to do...

    Well, I was excited. I might have did the Hallelujah dance. Or maybe not. I'm just pitching that out there.

    Because besides watching Kentucky play basketball that evening, there was nothing I'd have rather done with our day than stay in our pajamas and chill.

    We've got another sweet little to love on for a while so resting and getting used to his routine was a bonus to our lazy day.

    You thought I was kidding about the pajama thing....

    (And it's a onesie no less!)

    It seems that the theme of slowing down (which kept hitting me like a ton of bricks on spring break) has stuck.  Let's hope it last's longer than a week. (Big smile.)

    Hearing my littles say things like, "You know what the white egg presents? (That's kid language for represents.) An empty tomb!"

    Why yes it does sweet girl. Those words were priceless to me.

    I love spring. Especially the resurrection week of spring.

    I've noticed on social media that a lot of people seem to be doing cleanses, fasts and the sort.

    So this is my spring fast.

    I'm taking a break from the fast and focusing on at-home activities as we head into summer.

    And just like that white egg I aim to be empty, poured out completely.

    So that He can fill my days, my time spent and most of all my mothering, with Him.

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