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    To the Lady in Front of Me at Target

    Thursday, February 26, 2015

    I blame it all on the unexpected week at home.

    All of that break of snow fun left me a tad bit emotional I reckon, because on Monday when we got back into the swing of things well, I was not swingin'.

    I've been blessed with a job that allows me to work while the littles are away but, truth be told on Monday it really didn't take much time.

    And when I found myself finished early and the clock didn't read pick-up time yet, then what's a woman to do but go to Target? Because, of course.

    All the browsing of those aisles filled with pretty little things can do a woman about as much good as an hour at a counselor's office.

    Until you round the corner and run smack-dab into the woman you used to be.

    I didn't meet her until I was in the check out line.

    She wore a pony tail and a tired look on her face. Scurrying around like a busy squirrel, she was getting those groceries onto the check out counter as fast as possible.

    I know that feeling. That "Oh my goodness if I can just hurry up and pay and get out of here surely no one will notice the screaming."

    Or better yet, "Come on you've made it this far, do not leave that whole cart and give up now. Just make it through check out and get out. Focus girl, you can do this."

    Any mama knows that the wheels do tend to fall off the wagon right when you've made it to that  counter.

    What caught my attention most wasn't her worried face, the hurrying around or the annoyed (twenty years old at most) attendant at the register.

    It was those kids. Those ridiculously beautiful brown eyed little beauties....well, I just couldn't take my eyes off of them.

    "Mama I want a snack! I want a juice box PLEASE. Please mama, I'm hungry now!"

    In my minds eye those were two little blonde heads and that woman with her hair in a pony tail was me.

    I tried to stop the tears from coming-but it was no use.

    Embarrassed, I tried to quickly explain myself and I'm sure it was all a bit or much awkward.

    "Oh I'm so sorry, please excuse me. It's just that it all goes so fast and now mine are in school and oh how I wish I could have one more day like this when they were little."

    It's true. What they tell you about blinking and it's on to the next season? That's very true.

    Soon enough there comes a day when there is no need for a diaper, a sippy cup or a nap time.

    You suddenly go to the bathroom and no little person tries to follow you in there.

    No one wakes up in the middle of the night needing to be rocked back to sleep.

    And while healthy development and progression is a beautiful thing it can sometimes leave a mama wishing for yesterday.

    Like leaves blowing off of a tree in the fall, time blows swiftly and there's no gathering up those leaves. No putting them back on the trees again.

    A season passes and it's gone. You're left with the memories.

    So while it may be a frigid cold of a winter time in mothering for you dear friend, try your best to embrace it.

    Stop in the front of the grocery store, listen to those little cries for help and soak it in.

    All too soon those little people you're pushing will be running ahead of you and you'll be doing your best to keep up with them.

    So let's enjoy every moment and make the most of today. Don't let the little things rob you of the JOY of the current season.

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