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    The Lord Does Provide

    Thursday, January 8, 2015

    "Where is the lamb, Papa?"

     The puzzled expression was so evident on his little face. He'd seen this done many times before and knew that the most important part of the process was still missing. With eyes bright and full of wonder, he followed along. Like any other boy his age, he was always anxious to be a part of anything his father was doing.

     Abrahams's heart beat a little faster in his chest as he thought about his answer.

     It had been a long and hard journey, three days time in length. He could feel himself growing weary, but the end was almost near.

    "Don't worry my son, The Lord will provide the lamb." Abraham prophesied to his son. His mouth spoke the words in obedience that his heart clung to in faith.

    A little further ahead he could see it, the place of the sacrifice was visible in the distance. Just a little farther now. He put one foot in front of the other and carried on with the plan.

    In the midst of the biggest act of obedience of his life, he was going forward with what The Lord had asked him to do.

    Because that's what Abraham did. It's what he'd always done. He wouldn't entertain the thought of a lesser approach.

    He looked over at his young son, the one he had waited nearly all of his life for, and his eyes filled with tears.

    Oh how he had loved and cherished every minute with the boy God had promised him. Little Isaac had been much anticipated and cared for long before he ever even entered into the world. As Abraham and Sarah had watched him grow they had marvelled at the goodness of God as they watched him run and laugh and play.

    The days quickly turned into weeks and the weeks into months and years. And now the Lord had asked a very hard thing of him. To sacrifice the one and only precious Isaac as an offering back to him.

    And down through time God saw that the world would be waiting, anticipating and so desperately in need of a Savior. A spotless lamb, the Son of God would enter the world as a newborn baby. 

    Just like Isaac, he would laugh and run and play. 

    Just like Isaac, he would bring his parent's joy as they spent their days watching him grow and develop into a young man. 

    So much alike and so different at the same time. Two lives. Two time frames. One purpose. 

    To save mankind from the sin of the world; that's always been God's plan. 

     Would he come through this time, Abraham wondered? He always had been faithful before, surely He would be now.

    His hands fumbled with the rope and his body shook with fear as the steps were getting closer now. With his body trembling and tears streaming he began to bind up his son. His very own sought after, prayed for and precious son.

    Isaac must have cried, he must have wondered, perhaps even fought for his life in the fear of a young mind-but still Abraham obeyed.

    And then just as he was about to follow through with all that God had required of him, there in the far distance he saw it. Like the sun coming out after countless days of rain, a ram appeared in the bush and Abraham had his sacrifice.

    The test of faith had been passed.

    As he lifted his son off of the altar and they sacrificed the animal instead, I wonder if Abraham felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of his shoulders?

    The bible tells us that he named the place Jehovah Jireh…. for the Lord does provide.

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