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    Hello there. I'm Angel and I'd like to welcome you to my little space on the web.

    Real life would be a lot more fun wouldn't it? We'd hop in the car and head to the nearest coffee shop and talk our way through the good days and the bad. Might not solve a thing but we would surely have some verbose conversation because that's what I do (big smile.)

    Here you'll find me recapping life with my people and finding encouragement along the way. Even especially on the broken days.

    (You know the ones where we wake up late, realize we're out of coffee,  hustle the herd off to school and then cry a puddle in the middle of Target with the guilt of a mommy mess.)

    Because that's when the light shines the brightest isn't it? When the cracks from the ugly in our lives leaves a little spot for THE LIGHT to shine through.

    So while I may not have the passion of youth or the wisdom of the elderly, I find myself these days somewhere smack-dab in the middle of a life that is chock-full of a lot of good days....and some bad.

    And I'm determined to walk it out, always search for the light,  learn a few things and encourage every soul I can along the way.

    Why don't you join me?!

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